TW64S - Black

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•Perfect Smartphone Companion
Heart Rate Monitor: The custom heart rate sensor in TW64 smart watch can help gauge your intensity during workouts to improve overall calorie tracking.
Remote Notifications: When there is SMS, incoming call or message on the connected phone, the TW64 will alert you to read them.
Bluetooth Sync: Connect it to start health data synchronization without cable.
A Display on the Bracelet: It's more convenient to look at the time, steps, mileage, calorie and goal.
Pedometer: Count how many steps you have walked, how far you run and how much calorie you consumed. You can enjoy doing sports.
Sleep Monitor: Monitor whether your sleeping is well or not.
Sedentary Reminder: Set it to remind you to walk or exercise after a long time sit.
IP67 Waterproof: Protect TW64S smart bracelet from water.
Anti-lost: When the Bluetooth is disconnected or the phone is out of the Bluetooth distance, the watch will alert.

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